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Strategic Business Law Attorney Protects Clients’ Interests in Lexington

Comprehensive legal support for Kentucky companies

If you need help drafting or reviewing a contract, starting your own business, or buying into or selling a business interest, you benefit greatly from the counsel of an experienced business law attorney. At the Law Office of Roland P. Merkel, I have been helping businesses of all sizes with a variety of issues since 1982. I understand that a legal problem of any kind can greatly disrupt your business operations, so I am committed to providing my clients with prompt and knowledgeable guidance. Whether you’re a startup, considering a merger, drafting a buy-sell agreement, keeping your corporate records up to date, dealing with a business problem, collection of accounts, or litigation, you can count on me to provide you with high-quality representation that protects your bottom line.

Sound contract review and development

Good business is transacted on the foundation of well-drafted contracts. At my firm, I help a wide range of organizations create and review lasting and clear business agreements including:

  • Purchase and bill of sale contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Partnership agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Commercial Leases

Over the course of my lengthy career in corporate law, I have learned that the secret to designing a solid contract is anticipating conflicts before they arise. I review your existing business contracts to ensure they are legal, accurate, transparent, and in your best interests.

Experienced guidance on buy-sell agreements

If you plan to form a co-owned company, you must have a well-drafted buy-sell agreement. This document protects the remaining owners if a shareholder retires, becomes disabled or dies, divorces, or leaves. I help to safeguard your business interests as well as the interests of your company’s other shareholders by creating a thorough buy-sell agreement that functions as a detailed contingency plan to address problems before they have a chance to develop.

Trusted advice on business formations

Few endeavors are as exciting as starting your own company. However, without knowledgeable guidance, you may fall victim to the perils and pitfalls of the business world. I consider your situation, your industry, and your business goals before determining which of the following business entities is best suited for your company:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Limited Partnership

In addition to explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each business entity, I help you file the required paperwork with the Commonwealth of Kentucky so you can begin operating your new business on a firm foundation as quickly as possible.

Dedicated attorney handles professional contracts for doctors and dentists

With extensive experience helping doctors and dentists negotiate professional contracts, I recognize the unique challenges that exist in the hyper-regulated field of healthcare law. I take the time to review your contract, identify issues, and explain the law clearly and concisely. I assist medical professionals in Kentucky with a variety of contract-related services including drafting, reviewing and negotiating, and enforcement so they can continue to provide vital healthcare services to the people of the Commonwealth.

Contact an experienced business law attorney in Lexington today

The Law Office of Roland P. Merkel is committed to helping you with your business law matter. Please call 859-263-1123 or contact my firm online to schedule a free 20-minute initial consultation to discuss your case with me at my Lexington office today.

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